The Awesome Scott Family

Robert Scott

Robert's life motto has always been when there is a will, there is a way. Brilliant with electronics and all the mechanical stuff, Robert is constantly finding new ways to improve on the status quo and seeing innovations with the tech around him. His kind heart and love for his family bring joy to us.

Russell Scott

Rusell is the well rounded soul, he has always explored every facet of life and continues to enjoy life to its fullest. He is currently working on a degree in education to further his joy of helping others.

Richard & Savannah Scott

This happy couple is transitioning back to Louisiana after a tour at Marine base Cherry Point. Richard is planning on a college degree after his military service.

Ryan Scott

This brilliant young man is wrapping up is studies of Mechanical Engineering at ULL

Ryleigh Scott

Ryleigh is currently doing Marine training at Paris Island. Never a dull moment in this young lady's life.